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Sports betting

Thousands of interesting events in the world of sports take place every day in the world, but we are not outside observers or fans of these events - thanks to them we earn. To generate income from sports betting, we have collected the best specialists among bettors and analysts who have not only experience, but also their own strategies.
The Dex-Bet team of professionals carefully approaches the bet. After examining a sporting event, analyzing the chances of various outcomes and calculating the most probable option, we make hundreds of bets a day and get the highest possible income with minimal risks. We provide you with the opportunity to receive passive profit.

ESports betting

Competitions in the virtual space are a relatively new direction in sports, which is great for making bets on the outcome of an event. And although the non-traditional nature of this type of competition sets additional requirements for our specialists, nevertheless, this tool brings a consistently high profitability.
Professional betting

Dex-Bet- British company with international development

The possibility of passive earnings from investments

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Open deposit


Profit: 0.17%

Validity: 2 days

Minimum deposit:
10.00 USD
Maximum deposit:
999.00 USD
Open deposit


Profit: 0.21%

Validity: 4 days

Minimum deposit:
20.00 USD
Maximum deposit:
999.00 USD
Open deposit


Profit: 0.25%

Validity: 5 days

Minimum deposit:
30.00 USD
Maximum deposit:
999.00 USD
Open deposit


Profit: 4%

Validity: 1 day

Minimum deposit:
100.00 USD
Maximum deposit:
999.00 USD
Open deposit


Profit: 5%

Validity: 1 day

Minimum deposit:
1000.00 USD
Maximum deposit:
4999.00 USD
Open deposit


Profit: 6%

Validity: 1 day

Minimum deposit:
5000.00 USD
Maximum deposit:
100000.00 USD
Open deposit

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UK registration

Dex-Bet is officially registered in the UK. Registration number: 12904586

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What is Dex-Bet?

Dex-Bet is an investment project created by a British company that is engaged in professional betting. To expand its capabilities, the company has established an investment resource on the Internet, whose activities are aimed at cooperation with private investors. By receiving additional funds for management, professional bettors and analysts of the company can significantly increase the volume of bets made and their regularity, thereby increasing the company's profitability.

Why Dex-Bet?

We are interested in cooperation with investors and have created the most comfortable and profitable conditions for interaction with them. The project invites you to make money on highly profitable rates using a convenient and intuitive website. You do not need to have any special knowledge and skills to cooperate with us, and the minimum deposit amount is extremely low, which will allow absolutely everyone to invest in the project.
Cooperate with Dex-Bet simple, because we take on all the difficulties - you just need to invest and make a profit. Simple, profitable, reliable
After the investment, your funds are in the company's operating bank under the reliable protection and monitoring of our specialists.
After deciding on the implementation of bets, the funds are distributed - some of them are taken over by bettors, while the other remains as a reserve fund.
As a result of careful analysis and study of a sporting event, a bet is made on its most likely outcome.
The company's analysts sum up the results of the sporting and e-sports events that have happened and determine the rate of return on bets.
Investors receive the return indicated by the Dex-Bet marketing terms.
Even if the bets were not profitable, then the funds are paid from the reserve fund.

affiliate program

It is possible to cooperate with Dex-Bet even without personal investment. We offer you the opportunity to generate additional income through our affiliate program. Favorable conditions and generous rewards for attracting new users will allow you to receive passive income - get partnerships from all deposits of the invited participant!

Attract partners

Register and use the unique affiliate link in order to invite an investor to the project.

Get rewarded

Receive as a reward 5% - 3% - 1% of the deposit created by your partner of the first level of the structure.
Actual news

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